About Us

Heritage L.A.G. International, Inc. is the Canadian wholesaler offering the vastest selection of premium smoking accessories to its clientele in North America.

Started in 1997 by three brothers, Heritage L.A.G. International remains a family-owned and -operated company that will treat you as family.

With their head office and warehouse located in Montreal, Canada; Heritage L.A.G. International distributes to businesses from more than 30 Canadian cities and a few American, European and Middle Eastern cities as well.

Heritage L.A.G. International offers over 1,500 products to suit their clients’ needs. Each month, new products are added to their catalogue to help meet the demand of today’s customers.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding the company history, or the extensive line of products.

Please note that Heritage L.A.G. International does not sell directly to particulars. Thank you for your understanding!

Heritage LAG International